You spend time and money to create distinctive and unique trade-marks, on which your company’s reputation and sustainability rely.  By registering your trade-marks, you protect these valuable IP assets and your right to benefit from your efforts.

ID® TRADEMARK is a trade-mark agent firm and performs the following tasks:

Trade-mark searches and legal opinion

We launch and analyze the search, and offer you a legal opinion as to the availability and registrability of the trade-mark you chose in the target coutry(ies).
* We can combine this search with the verification of the corresponding Internet domain name and company name, and reserve them for you.

Trade-mark registration proceedings

Ordinary marks ≡ Descriptive marks with acquired distinctiveness [Sect. 12.(2)] or not without a distinctive character [Sect. 14] ≡ Distinguishing guises ≡ Non-traditional trade-marks ≡ Certification marks ≡ Filing requests for public notice of adoption of official marks (governmental organisations)Paris Convention priority claim, when applicable ≡ Representative at the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Office

Responses to Office Actions

Response to formalities ≡ Preparing and filing argumentations to overcome descriptiveness or confusion objections

Maintenance of the registration validity

Renewals ≡ Periodic analysis of trade-mark sampling ≡ Watch service

Opposition proceedings

File study ≡ Drafting of statements of opposition / counter-statements of opposition ≡ Evidence in accordance with the Federal Court rules ≡ Cross-examination ≡ Written arguments ≡ Hearing before the Registrar of Trade-marks

Section 45 expungment proceedings

Use investigations ≡ Filing a request for the issuance of a Section 45 Notice ≡ Evidence in accordance with the Federal Court rules ≡ Written arguments ≡ Hearings before the Registrar

Other proceedings

Trade-mark transfer and other registration modification with the Trade-marks Office ≡ Trade-mark security interests registration / cancellation

By registering your trade-marks, you protect these valuable Intellectual Property assets and your rights to benefit from your efforts.

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